Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goha's Talking Donkey

Goha heard that the Prince is looking for someone who could teach the Prince’s donkey to talk. The Prince had summoned all the teachers and wise men and anyone interested to see who can do the job. When Goha heard of this he headed to the Royal Palace and entered into the Prince’s Court. The Prince said that he noticed how intelligent his own donkey was and that he believes that with good teaching the donkey could be taught to talk. “Who among you can teach my donkey to talk?” No one responded. “It cannot be done”, replied the wise men. Goha got up and walked toward the donkey. He looked at the donkey, examined its ears and mouth, and talked to it for a while. “This is truly a very intelligent and exceptional donkey that you have here your Majesty. I am sure “he” can be taught to talk.” The Price rose up, “You can do it?”
 “Yes your majesty. But, this is going to be a very long and difficult job.”
“How long will it take?”
 “I will need 10 years.”
“Fine,” said the Prince “I’ll see you in ten years.”
“Your majesty I will have to do this job full time, day and night. I will need a salary.”
“How much?” 
“More than all these professors and wise men that could not do the job”
I will need to take the donkey home with me so I can teach him day and night.”
The donkey will need food. Not just regular donkey food but food good enough for a talking donkey, human food. I will also need money to build him a nice room to study, and another one to sleep. And supplies, school supplies, house supplies. And some extra money in case I need some other provisions.”
The Prince’s men loaded up the donkey with all the food and supplies. The donkey could barely walk with the load on its back. Walking out the guard said, “You know what will happen if 10 years from now the donkey is not talking?”
“I know. I’ll be beheaded”, he said without hesitation
Goha arrived home with the donkey loaded with all sorts of goodies and supplies and gold coins. Goha’s wife could not believe her eyes. “How did you get all this?” He told his wife the whole story. She was terrified.
Goha: “Woman we will be rich. Why are you so mad?”
Wife: How are you going to teach this donkey to talk?
Goha: I know it’s a very tough job. But I have 10 years. Ten years is a very long time. Just stop worrying and enjoy our riches.
Wife: So what happens 10 years from now if the donkey is not talking?
Goha: 10 years from now either I will be dead or the Prince will be dead, or the donkey will be dead.

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